FIABCI – THE INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE FEDERATION, was created in 1951, in Paris, with the purpose to gather, internationally, all professionals working in Real Estate area.
In chronological terms it is possible to make the following brief:

1945: The Federation had its origin in CNAB (Commonwealth of Nations Accreditation Board) and its prior President was Pierre Colleville, who was completely aware how to create a Federation  in a worldwide scope which may represent the most Real Estate jobs.

1946: At the National Congress  that was held in Paris, the attendance of representatives of the Real Estate area of USA, Beligum and Switzerland,  make out the vision of Pierre Collevile to create an entity with a worldwide coverage.

1948: The first world congress of CNAB, leaded by the President Pierre Collevile, was attended by delegates from Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, England and Germany.
This Congress was considered the first event of FIABCI, despite its formal constitution had only happened in 1951.

1951: The Constitution of the International Real Estate Administrators Federation with Australia, Beligum, France and USA on the 2nd. June.
1951/58: During  this period,  Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Canada joined the Federation as full members

Holding of the 3rd. World Congress in Brussels, in which it was taken a new designation:  THE INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE FEDERATION - FIABCI

1954: On the  21st. July, the Federation attained the status of ONU CES consultant entity.

establishment of a permanent representation in the European community

In World Congresso in Telavive it was agreed to change.