Welcome to FIABCI Portugal’s website.

FIABCI (Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens Conseils et Agents Immobiliers), with headquarters in Paris, is the only Real Estate World Federation, having been established in 1951.

Currently it is parted in FIABCI Africa, FIABCI Europe, FIABCI Asia and FIABCI Americas, and each one of these parts is sub-divided by Chapters, matching the countries with a FIABCI representation.

The Portuguese Chapter of this Federation has its headquarters in the APEMIP’s central office, being this Association the Principal Member of the Portuguese Chapter, with managing responsibilities of this Federation in our country.
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FIABCI is a non-political entity whose objective is to help its members and add an international dimension to their businesses, helping its members to acquire knowledge, develop networks and optimize business opportunities all over the world. Here we can find professionals representing all real estate disciplines: real estate brokerage companies, promoters, builders, architects, engineers, lawyers, appraisers, between many others.

It has as purpose to promote the permanent informative interchange on world-wide real estate market, economy, politics and technology, between the several members, all related to the real estate business.

FIABCI is a `business club' of real estate professionals in 60 countries, and enjoys ‘Special Consultative’ status at the United Nations - Economic and Social Council .

In this website it can be found all the information about this organization, about the advantages that the membership can bring and how to become a member.

I can only hope that those who visit us, becomes a member of FIABCI Portugal, and profit of the potential advantages of this world-wide organization.

More than 60 countries, millions of contacts at a computer distance. Become a Member. Join Us.

Luis Lima
President of the FIABCI Portugal Chapter

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